Terms & Conditions

1. Applicable general terms and conditions

1.1 These general terms and conditions apply to all offers, booking requests and agreements which are concluded with Camping de Duinpan and relate to campsite pitches which are rented out by Camping De Duinpan.

1.2 Camping De Duinpan expressly rejects the application of other general terms and conditions.

1.3 Exceptions to these general terms and conditions are only possible if parties have agreed to these in writing.

2. Booking

 2.1 Camping De Duinpan only takes reservation requests from persons of 18 years and older. Camping De Duinpan reserves the right to refuse a booking request, without giving reasons.

2.2 The agreement between Camping De Duinpan and hirer is established at the time that Camping De Duinpan has sent you the booking confirmation - also being the invoice - by post or e-mail with the understanding that you will receive the confirmation within 10 days.

2.3 Hirer must check the booking confirmation for accuracy. Inaccuracies should be passed on immediately to Camping De Duinpan. If you are not in possession of a written confirmation/invoice within 10 days of making the booking, you must to immediately contact the reception, failing which no claim may be made on the reservation done.

2.4 Hirer shall make a (partial) payment to Camping De Duinpan within the period specified in the booking confirmation. Camping De Duinpan is entitled to regard the agreement as not being concluded, if Camping De Duinpan does not receive the agreed (partial) payment within the prescribed period. In this case, Camping De Duinpan has the option of releasing the reserved campsite pitch to others without further notice to the hirer and to charge costs for cancellation to hirer.

2.5 The agreement covers rental of a camping site for recreational use, which by its nature is of short duration.

3. Changes in the booking/agreement

3.1 After the conclusion of the agreement, Camping De Duinpan is not obliged to make changes to the agreement at the request of the hirer. If Camping De Duinpan implements a change, Camping De Duinpan is entitled to charge hirer change fees amounting to at least Euro 10.00 per change.

4. Prices

4.1 Hirer owes Camping De Duinpan the agreed rental price, as stated on the definitive booking confirmation.

4.2 The prices and additional charges are on the price list, brochures and website of Camping De Duinpan, but prices on the final booking confirmations/invoices are binding.

4.3 Unforeseen demonstrable increases can be passed on to hirer. All prices in the price list, brochures and websites are without reservation and are subject to change.

4.4 Any discount offers do not apply to existing booking/bookings already made.

All prices are exclusive of booking fees, tourist taxes, and energy costs, with the exception of the overnight rate.

5. Payment

5.1 Hirer must pay a deposit in accordance with the booking confirmation/invoice within 14 days of booking. The remainder must be paid upon arrival.

5.2 If a booking is made within 2 weeks before arrival, the entire amount must immediately be paid.

5.3 If a booking is made within 5 weeks before arrival, the entire amount must be paid by means of cash payment or by pin payment at Camping De Duinpan.

5.4 Hirer has no right to (partial) refund of the rental amount if hirer leaves before the agreed departure date.

5.5 Camping De Duinpan has the right to cancel the booking without further notice to the hirer and to release the campsite pitch for rental to others, if a payment term has expired and the hirer has not fulfilled their obligations.

5.6 Camping De Duinpan has the right to terminate the agreement without notice of default or court intervention being required, on the understanding that hirer is liable for all damages that Camping De Duinpan will consequently suffer, if:

  • at the commencement of the rental period, the rental sum has not been (partially) paid, breach of contract immediately occurs.
  • hirer leaves the camping site prematurely.
  • hirer fails to occupy the rented pitch on the day of commencement of the rental period before 17:00 hours without having notified Camping De Duinpan that the rented camping site pitch will be occupied later during the rental period.
  • 5.7 Camping De Duinpan is always entitled to deduct amounts owed by hirer for whatever reason, from amounts paid by hirer on any grounds whatsoever.

6. Changeover days/stay

6.1 The rented camping site pitch may be occupied on the agreed day of arrival on the booking confirmation between 12:00 hours and 17:00 hours.

The hirer must have released the pitch before 12.00 hours on the day of departure as stated on the booking confirmation.

6.2 As from 09:00 hours on the departure date, Camping De Duinpan reserves the right to conduct a final check relating to the state and the completeness of the campsite pitch. Camping De Duinpan reserves the right to charge for any damages.

6.3 The hirer receives an information package about the campsite upon arrival.

7. (household) regulations

7.1 Guests must adhere to the rules established by the park, as laid down and included in the camping regulations. Camping Duinpan has the right to remove hirer and his companions / have them removed from the Camping if the household regulations are violated and/or instructions of the personnel are not followed. In that case Customer is not entitled to restitution of (a part of) the rental sum.

7.2 Camping De Duinpan reserves the right to ask the hirer to present a valid ID upon check-in. Camping De Duinpan is entitled hirers refuse access to the camp site, who are unable to furnish proof of identification.

7.3 Camping De Duinpan reserves the right to bring changes in the set-up and openings times of the facilities of the camp site. Hirer will allow that essential maintenance may take place at the rented campsite pitch during the rental period. Hirer shall not be entitled to compensation. The necessity of the maintenance is at the discretion of Camping De Duinpan. Hirer shall likewise allow that work is carried out to the facilities of the camp site during the rental period.

7.4 Hirer shall solely use the pitch as holiday accommodation.

7.5 Hirer must grant employees of Camping De Duinpan direct access to the camping site pitch at all times.

7.6 Hirer may not hand over the rented camping pitch in rent and / or use nor allow more people to stay overnight than specified with the booking and is stated on the booking confirmation. Camping De Duinpan has the right to immediately terminate the agreement and without court intervention, if it finds that the agreed number of persons on the pitch has been exceeded.

8. Pets

8.1 It is permissible to bring your pet with you to the campsite/pitch.

8.2 Pets must be kept on a short leash on the campsite and the grounds. Pets must not cause a nuisance to the other guests.

9. Force majeure

9.1 FORCE MAJEURE on the part of Camping De Duinpan exists if the performance of the agreement is wholly or partly prevented by circumstances beyond the control of Camping De Duinpan, including in any case blockades, fire and other disturbances, and/or other events whether temporarily or not. Camping De Duinpan is entitled to make an equivalent replacement campsite pitch available to the hirer if the site rented campsite pitch is not available due to force majeure and/or other circumstances. Hirer shall never be able to sue Camping De Duinpan in that case.

10. Liability

10.1 Camping De Duinpan does not accept any liability for theft and loss or consequential damage to property or persons, of any kind whatsoever during or as a result of a stay at our campsite.

10.2 Camping De Duinpan assumes no responsibility for the fact that the stay on the campsite does not meet expectations that hirer had thereof.

10.3 Camping De Duinpan does not accept any liability for damage or injury to property or individuals as a result of staying on the grounds of Camping De Duinpan or caused by the use of facilities present on the site.

10.4 Camping De Duinpan is not liable for damages arising from noise nuisance caused by third parties.

10.5 Camping De Duinpan is not liable for damages arising from information provided by its employees either verbally or by telephone.

10.6 The design/layout of the camping site pitches may vary.

10.7 It may be that (part of) the facilities are closed during certain weeks of the year. To ensure that all facilities are accessible during your stay, we recommend hirer to inquire about this when booking. This will avoid any disappointment upon arrival at the park.

11. Complaints

11.1 Despite the care and efforts of Camping De Duinpan, it may be that you have a complaint. Complaints must be directly reported to the reception of the campsite.

11.2 Dutch law governs all agreements between hirer and Camping De Duinpan.

 12. Cancellation conditions

12.1 Without cancellation insurance or with cancellation insurance without valid reasons, the following provisions are applicable. The fees payable by the hirer to Camping De Duinpan for cancellations are:

  • For cancellation as from 93 days before arrival, 15 % of the total rental amount.
  • For cancellation as from 62 days before arrival, 50 % of the total rental amount.
  • For cancellation as from 31 to 62 days before arrival, 75 % of the total rental amount.
  • For cancellation as from 14 to 31 days before arrival, 90 % of the total rental amount.
  • For cancellation on the day of arrival up to 14 days before arrival, 100 % of the total rental amount.

13. Cost analysis

13.1 Booking costs for a camping site pitch booked with a Camping-card, Euro 10.00 per booking in advance.

14 Photos and videos

If either a guest or those who accompany him or her or are on the campsite through his or her doing, whether or not a day visitor, happen to be on a photo and/or a video that was taken for pictorial representation in a Camping De Duinpan publication and/or representation on an Internet site of Camping De Duinpan, their consent to the use of the photo and/or video in the publication and/or Internet site is assumed, even if he/she is recognizable in the photo/video.

15. General

15.1 Obvious printing or type-setting errors do not bind Camping De Duinpan. All previous publications are annulled by these general terms and conditions. There, where 'stay' or 'accommodation' is referred to in these conditions, it means a camping site pitch. 

Cancellation insurance conditions

What is insured?

Are you cancelling your trip prematurely? Then you are entitled to compensation. But only if it happens for one of the reasons given in the cancellation conditions.

When does your insurance start and end?

After you have received the booking confirmation you have fourteen days time to think the matter over (cooling-off period). You may cancel the insurance during that period. The cooling-off period does not apply to insurances of which the arrival day of your trip and the closing date of your insurance is less than thirty days. The insurance ends the day that your trip begins.

 When do we terminate your insurance?

  • If you intentionally mislead us, we will immediately terminate the insurance.
  • If it is established that there has been fraud, swindle or deceit. In that case your insurance immediately terminates.

What you need to know about the premium:

You pay the premium for this insurance before your insurance starts. As soon as your insurance takes effect, we do not pay back any premiums. The premium amounts to 5% of the total amount of your booking.

What are your obligations?

You and your co-insured (s) are required to:

  • Make all reasonable efforts to prevent and to limit damage.
  • Immediately call in medical help in case of accident or illness, and to omit nothing which could promote recovery. This also means that you must allow yourself to be examined by a doctor, if we ask for this. You must also give your doctor all desired information and send us the written findings of the doctor by mail.
  • Demonstrate the extent and circumstances to us.
  • Should you have to cancel your trip, you must notify us within three working days.

 Cancelling your trip

When are you insured?

You are insured for cancellation charges from the moment you conclude this cover to the moment your trip begins.

 What are you insured for?

The total travel costs are insured.

 In which cases are you insured?

You are insured for cancellation charges in the following cases:

  • You, a family member in the first or second degree or a household member dies, becomes seriously ill or is seriously injured through an accident.
  • a family member in the third degree dies.
  • You or your partner becomes pregnant and this has direct consequences for your booked trip.
  • You, a co-insured, a household member or your child living at home must undergo a medically necessary procedure.
  • You unexpectedly receive rented accommodation or a new house within thirty days before the start of the trip.
  • You become unemployed through no fault of your own and with this, lose permanent employment.
  • You are offered a job after a period of unemployment and your new employer does not agree with the booked trip, because you need to be present with him on the scheduled travel days. This must involve a job of at least twenty hours per week and for a minimum of six months.
  • Your long-term relationship or marriage is finally dissolved. By "long-term relationship" we mean with a joint household.

 What will be reimbursed?

  • We reimburse the cancellation fee up to the maximum amount of the total travel costs.
  • We will reimburse up to the amount shown on your booking confirmation and what you actually have already paid to us.

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